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Blankie Bear Sell Sheets for the Mass Market

January 21, 2011

Today’s entry are the final sell sheets for the Blankie Bear line of Kuddable Kakes. My job was to present some layouts, while ultimately producing some consistent brand identity for this line. They provided the photography, i provided some photo retouching. The below are the final sell sheets used to give to their existing and potential customers. The black dots along the side are to show where holes would be punched for their presentation binder.

More tomorrow…

Building a Brand: Blankie Bear Yellow, Blue & Pink

January 20, 2011

I’ve decided to update my blog as often as I can with some of the work I did in 2010. Mostly, it will show branding, design, marketing and advertising for Johnson Bros Bakery in San Antonio Texas. They produce a line of collectible themed cakes. For example if your friend has a baby girl they make not only a cake with that theme but also produce a plush collectible (i.e. a teddy bear). It makes for a nice gift. My job was to give their entire line of products a brand and help them market it through logo design, brochures and ads. The sell sheets were printed by Sunset Press, Inc. in Austin Texas.

Today’s entry are the logos designed for the “Blankie Bear” collectibles. We did Yellow, Blue & Pink. Yellow was for neutral purposes and of course Blue was for a baby boy new born and pink was to be for a baby girl new born. We went with the logo that was based around a child’s building block.

Tomorrow I hope to post the final 3 sell sheets we used to sell the product to countrywide supermarket chains and bakeris.