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Trading Cards

February 24, 2011

Here are just a few of the trading cards I designed over the past decade:

I was responsible for design, art direction, approval process with movie studios licensing department, print pre-production, print quality control. Hundreds upon hundreds of unique designs met on a very short deadline. The amount of work involved equals the output of some fully staffed advertising agencies.


Trading Cards Slideshow

April 30, 2009

Jericho Trading Cards

April 2, 2009

Design: Gino Verna

Produced and Distributed: Inkworks, Morrisville, NC

Cards shown: base cards,

box loaders, case loader, chase cards

fronts and backs shown

fronts and backs shown

fronts and backs shown

fronts and backs shown

fronts and backs shown

fronts and backs shown

Excerpts  from Non Sports Update Review transcript originally posted at

“Things are quiet and peaceful in small-town Jericho, Kansas, but when a baffling explosion occurs in the distance, Jericho’s residents are plunged into social, psychological and physical chaos. No one knows what to think, and fear of the unknown takes over the town, especially because its isolation cuts it off from outside help. When nearly everything they know seems gone, will the residents of JERICHO band together to face their unfamiliar and mysterious new world?”

“Another in a long line of great releases from Inkworks!! I was really looking forward to this set and Inkworks nailed it. Nice detailed base set with a excellent line of inserts. Mix that with a guaranteed base set, autograph, and pieceworks per box, as well as a shot at an autographed pieceworks and you’ve got a sure fire hit.

I am a HUGE fan of the show and loved this set. Nice base set and the normal Inkworks inserts. This is definately what we have come to know and expect from Inkworks. Excellent list of top character autographs, but also left enough main characters open for a possible 2nd season of cards.

I rate this product a solid “A” for Inkworks!”