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February 24, 2011

Here are just a few of the trading cards I designed over the past decade:

I was responsible for design, art direction, approval process with movie studios licensing department, print pre-production, print quality control. Hundreds upon hundreds of unique designs met on a very short deadline. The amount of work involved equals the output of some fully staffed advertising agencies.


Trading Cards Slideshow

April 30, 2009

Alias Season 4 Trading Cards Packaging

April 27, 2009

Design: Gino Verna

Produced and Distributed: Inkworks, Morrisville, NC

Shown below: Packaging I designed for the Alias Season 4 Trading Cardsalias4

Alias Season 4 Trading Cards

April 4, 2009

Design: Gino Verna

Produced and Distributed: Inkworks, Morrisville, NC


“Inkworks announces the follow-up to our popular series of trading cards based on the the hit ABC series ALIAS.  ALIAS Season Four Ultra-Premium trading cards promises all the excitement and intrigue of the exciting fourth season, featuring subsets: Episodic Coverage, APO Cards, Marshall’s Tech Emporium, Arvin’s Secret and more!

As fans and collectors have come to expect, each card in the 81-card base set is printed on premium 18-point mirror foil board, giving each card an amazing reflective finish.

Alias Season Four by Inkworks is hands down, the best looking card set that we’ve ever seen from Inkworks. The fourth season is the only season of Alias that we at Trading Card Reviews have had the opportunity of reviewing a box of, but I can’t imagine any of the others being any better. These cards are really not captured well with a scanner, but believe me when I say that they’re just stunning pieces of art. With the Pieceworks show worn cards, autographs and all the wonderfully designed base & insert cards, this set is a must see!

If you’ve ever opened a box of Inkworks’ products, you surely already know that the Inkworks guarantee of one complete base set per box is really an underestimate. The Trading Card Reviews box of Alias Season Four had two complete base sets along with tens of other extras from the base set. You really can’t go wrong with getting two complete sets from just one box! The inserts in this box were just as well designed as the base cards, but again, don’t come out well in scans because of their reflective metallic appearance. It’s always fun to try and put together an entire puzzle insert subset and we were fortunate enough to pull two of the puzzle pieces in this box of cards. In our review box we had the opportunity to pull a Pieceworks costume card of a show worn shirt from Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos in an episode of Alias Season Four. The Authentic Autograph card in our review box is of Izabella Scorupco as Sabina. If you’ve read any of the other non-sports card reviews of Inkworks products on Trading Card Reviews, you’ll know that we love the on card autos rather than sticker autos that are becoming the norm in the trading and sports card industry.

As usual, Inkworks did not disappoint with this offering of Alias Season Four cards. The Trading Card Reviews box was a lot of fun to open with all the inserts, autograph and Pieceworks show worn cards scattered throughout the box. There’s even a chance to pull a Piecworks card of the show’s star Jennifer Garner! With the two complete sets, the Pieceworks card, the autograph and the fact that this is one of the best looking non-sports card sets out there makes this a box of cards that you’re really going to want to check out for yourself. Even though this isn’t a new release, it’s definitely something to look for at your local hobby shop or on eBay.”

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