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Wild at Heart Valentine Pillow Collectible cake

January 22, 2011

Today’s entry was the design and brand management for the “wild at heart” Kuddable Kakes line. After a few ideas were presented here is the final with 2 alternates. Some photo re-touching was done on their provided photography. Normally I like to handle the photography myself from the beginning. Just was not going to happen with this client as they had their entire line photographed before meeting me. The challenge with a client like this is in their minds ‘bells and whistles’ in design means they are getting their money’s worth. We had many talks about this, long term branding usually leans to a more minimal side. Before I started doing their marketing they would just type out the name of the cake in Helvetica and set the cake in a party environment with too many “bells and whistles” in the background. I sold them on the idea of each of their cakes needing its on brand and logo that could eventually be used in other products like packaging, tee shirt etc. My main argument was the cake in the design has to be the first thing you see, then the identifiable name (logo) and the background should just emphasize both without distracting the consumer away from the product.

Alternate without pattern of hearts in the background and drop shadow on “heart”. This is while the client didn’t know whether to actually use “heart” in the title of the product. I talked them into not being so literal.

Design alternate in Pink

More to come…