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Elvis Presley Hedcut Illustration

January 16, 2012

I’ve been trying to work on a technique to mimic as best as possible the illustration style you see on US currency, without being lazy and hoping photoshop will just invent a  filter. This was my first attempt, I hope to do a series and start to incorporate this style into my designs more this year. The major upside to this style is how it can easily be silk screened on to a mug or tee shirt, since its essentially line art, or can be converted easily to line art.


Zach & Debbie’s Wedding Collage in 3-D!!!

December 6, 2011

This is a collage I did for my friends Zach and Debbie’s wedding. I used the photos taken by Sherre Paris and retouched them and collaged them into a design. Then I went ahead and turned the poster into an Anaglyph 3-D poster. You will need a pair of Anaglyph 3D glasses to see the effect. Or visit the poster at Zach and Debbie’s sometime.  It really loses quality posting to wordpress though. I can only be enjoyed fully at 100% on a high res monitor or if you look at the print. Below i show it without the 3-D Effect so you can see the design more clearly and the details of the photo retouching. Grab some Analglyph 3-D Glasses and take a better look at the full size image:

WeddingCollageClose ups:


And now some examples of the Photo retouching before and after. Take particular note of the clipping around the girl’s feathery hat, Photoshop geeks should like that.









And now some shots of the Anaglyph 3-d effect: Grab those old 3D glasses you have laying around!