The Revolt of the Whales Book Cover Design

I was approached this week by author Michael Rhodes to design his Audio Book cover for the book “The Revolt of the Whales”.

Here is a quick synopsis:

We glide through the surreal auditory world of the whales. Who are these strange, enormous beings? How will they respond to savage human aggression?
Sarah, a violinist, escapes a continent at war to join a research ship and rediscover her empathic connection to the whales. She also finds music, romance and terror. The ocean is a dangerous place. Sabotage, escalating battles with whaling ships and a brutal confinement hasten Sarah’s descent into chaos. When the cacophony becomes intolerable the ocean moans and roars like a gigantic monster waking from a troubled sleep.

He wanted my signature “sketchy, quick doodle style”. After meeting with him for about an hour hearing about the book, listening to how he pictures the cover (but just can’t draw it himself). I provided the below designs. He was very pleased with the 3rd Black background one. “You nailed. thank you.” was his words. Another happy customer.


Here is the final Audio Book Jacket.


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