Elvis Presley Hedcut Illustration

I’ve been trying to work on a technique to mimic as best as possible the illustration style you see on US currency, without being lazy and hoping photoshop will just invent a  filter. This was my first attempt, I hope to do a series and start to incorporate this style into my designs more this year. The major upside to this style is how it can easily be silk screened on to a mug or tee shirt, since its essentially line art, or can be converted easily to line art.


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3 Responses to “Elvis Presley Hedcut Illustration”

  1. manshipgrants Says:

    This is superb! I request: http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxt40iKSVW1qixko4o1_500.jpg

  2. unfurlinggrace Says:

    Love it! Maybe you can copyright the style and sell to Photoshop ??

  3. Bill Thelen Says:

    Very cool. I could see some unique pieces being designed with this effect!

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