Baby Acapulco’s Happy Hour Menu Design. Austin, TX

The assignment was  to re-design Baby Acapulco’s Happy Hour menu, see their original design below:

Here was my first draft using their current color scheme. I also found their original to be redundant by how they put “during happy hour” under each special.

Here is the second round with the client’s input of changing some fonts to a font they had seen and liked, they also asked to see the type “distressed” and not so sharp. I also took this round of creative to get rid of some of the brighter colors of their current color scheme to show them why it might look better.

After looking at this it was decided to not distress the type but replace the yellows in the design with a distressed old parchment paper treatment which gave the menu a completely new life and was the final design we decided on:


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8 Responses to “Baby Acapulco’s Happy Hour Menu Design. Austin, TX”

  1. skipperchong Says:

    thanks for walking us through the progression, nice work!

  2. jessica Says:

    this looks great!

    to be honest, when i first came to this page, i thought that the first image was your design. i was prepared to come to your home and smack some sense into you! : )

    i really like the final iteration with the parchment looking paper—well done!


  3. ginoverna Says:

    Sorry, about how few words I put with any of my entries. Anyone who knows me, knows I am more about just doing it than talking about doing something or why I did it. I am more visual than verbal.

  4. Blynch Says:

    Wow. Well done, yo.

  5. Re-designing a logo when the client knows what they want and on their budget « Gino Verna’s Blog Says:

    […] Which brings me to my first attempt below. Meant to match the color scheme I had previously established in their Happy Hour Menu […]

  6. metaeducation Says:

    I found this looking to see what Baby A’s Happy Hour hours were. It’s not on their website, but it’s on yours. 🙂

    Very interesting to share the progress…I guess I’ll have to see if they’re using your designs now!

    I’d say that one trick about designing for Baby A’s is that their aesthetics are fairly plain and generic (as Mexican restaurants go, at least the Riverside one). So you’re not working within a strong “design context”. Though it looks like the pink elephant and tropical-party theme is something they are attached to…though very little on the exterior or interior suggests that:

    If it were me designing, I’d try every trick in the book to push the font sizes up on the small type. Which would mean pushing out everything I could. I’d first tear out “NEW SPECIALS” in big print because it’s essentially noise. I’d group the wines so $5.00 glass and $18.00 bottle could be written once instead of five times. A lot of re-design is pushing back against the ad copy you’re given and encouraging clients to understand that “less is more” in visual communication.

    Outlines are noisy, too. For a lot of your red-on-blue text, I’d just switch from using outlines to making the words the outline color. Contrast can be a better tool…as per “Some Strikes Against Strokes” in this article:

    Anyway, thanks for sharing…I wish we could all get a crack at redesigning the world around us. Like Wikipedia, but for the real world. If that happened, there are some strip malls that would be getting a visit from me pronto. 🙂

  7. ginoverna Says:

    Thanks for the comments and article. I agree with a lot of them. But, as I am sure you know clients put have their input and not much ever goes exactly how I personally want it. It’s been a lot of compromise and happy mediums up until this point. Their budget doesn’t even allow for me to do all I want. So I don’t fight too hard for certain designs. But we are getting there slowly.

    There is also SO many designs out there from there past that I had nothing to do with, which is a bit annoying. Like that logo in the one article you sent. They certainly haven’t paid me for interior and exterior design consulting.

    Again, thanks for looking and the input.


  8. metaeducation Says:

    Hey Gino, thanks. I did finish my comment in time for the happy hour. 🙂 The menu they were using at the bar was the ridiculous old one, but there were printouts on the wall of your design.

    Got back and looked over your other entries. Again: very cool that you’re talking about your work, I like “design out in the open” (I like most things in the open, I’m a transparency advocate in most walks of life.)

    The pink elephant in Acapulco is a cute conceptual idea, esp. with how strong the drinks can get 🙂 It *could* be a really fun project for a designer. But I sort of feel like if they’re going to talk-the-talk they have to walk-the-walk, and they don’t seem to be deeply interested in owning that theme.

    Offhand I might compare to something like Chipotle which is really thought-out from top to bottom. When dealing with clients who don’t know what they want I just shrug and say: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there.”

    I’m in Austin (obviously), I like your blog. Shoot me a mail if you want to get a drink and talk design sometime…

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